We all have to start somewhere……

……. So this is my starting point. My starting point in fitness was many years ago when I was a really skinny kid who no matter what I seemed to do, no matter how much chocolate I seemed to eat I did not gain weight or become ‘fat’. I started training without any real goals in mind other than a vague one of trying to build some muscle. Spending an hour in the gym a few days a week with absolutely no instruction on my lifting, my sessions or anything and still never gaining any weight! A couple of years later I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) which actually caused me to lose a stone (not what I needed!!) However before this I trained pretty casually and inconsistently getting inconsistent results.

T1D can really change the way you look at your life. I decided I had to start taking my health a lot more seriously, stop drinking to the point of not remembering the nights events, stop eating all food in sight in order to try and ‘get big’. I took this as a new start. Taking this a lot more seriously I realised I was doing all the right lifts in the gym however my nutrition was so bad I was not seeing any change.

I decided I wanted to learn as much as I could about fitness from as many people and different sources as I could. I got the bug!! Lifting, feeling good, feeling fit, looking better. I’ve started this blog to help motivate and educate as many people as possible. I will be including a wide range of information including workouts, programming, nutrition, motivation and pretty much whatever is on my mind or I feel like talking about to be honest because I can!

So welcome to my blog! Hope you guys like it feel free to get in touch if there are certain topics you want to see me cover or if you have any questions!

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