Focus, Achieve - My Cut!

So, my Journey cutting down my body fat has come to an end. It has not been easy.

I meet so many people who do not enjoy eating. I am NOT one of those people! I have always been able to eat and eat and eat!

Before I started cutting

I was always very skinny, one of those people that everybody envy’s because they can eat everything and not put on weight. However, this doesn’t mean I was always healthy (that’s a whole other blog post)

So, I spent a lot of time trying to build muscle and just put weight on in general. I reached 83kg which is the heaviest I have ever been. I hit a plateau and just couldn’t put on any weight when I reached 83kg.

I decided it was time to lose some body fat. I have gone through the process of cutting down body fat before however I have never been as focused as I am right now. My mindset has changed. I stopped making excuses and said to myself “I want to be in the best shape of my life”

I’m glad that I did. I’m pleased with the results. I’ve managed to retain muscle and drop a lot of bodyfat.

I have pushed myself to my very limits with my workouts. I have literally never pushed myself as hard as I have these past 15 weeks.

The Difference between losing weight and losing fat

First of all I should explain the difference between dropping body fat and losing weight.

When losing weight your intake of calories need to be less than you are burning off. As long as this is the case you will lose weight it is a simple science.

When dropping bodyfat(cutting or toning) you need to monitor closer the amounts of Carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibre(Macro nutrients) you have in your diet. Your training will need to change to try and retain as much muscle mass as you can without dropping massive amounts of weight.

The Process

The first few weeks were the hardest. I think I had become so used to eating a HUGE amount of food without ever getting full that this was a real challenge to start with.

When I was dropping the bodyfat it was important to track everything that you are putting in your body. This can be very stressful and become a bit of a chore. I have made a system for myself which I will forever follow when I’m cutting now which made it much easier.

The system was, my first three out of four meals a day were the same, therefore tracking is very easy because I know I’m having the same each day. I then had a certain amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to make up my fourth and final meal of the day which would change on a daily basis to add a bit of variety!

This worked great for me because I am very busy from early morning until night time with work so it made my food easy to prepare in bulk for a few days at a time and it took all of the guess work out of it.


I should mention that I am type1 diabetic which did make it very difficult to stick to my macro nutrient amount because I live an active lifestyle and sometimes my sugars will drop and therefore I have to eat carbohydrates to bring them back up so this becomes a constant battle.

However, as I was not overeating my sugars became a lot easier to manage. It has done wonders for my diabetes management and I feel so much better in general. I have stopped sweating as much. Perhaps that is a bit too much info but for anyone out there who has this same issue, this process of dropping body fat has helped me out. I always seemed to be hot while I was bulking, eating in a restaurant can sometimes be really uncomfortable just because of how hot I would get and just sweat! This has calmed down majorly!

Back To The Process

So when we are trying to build our bodies, bulking and cutting is all a part of the process. Now I will be once again trying to add mass but I now have a bigger foundation to work with so then next time when I cut, I should look better than I do this time. It’s a long process. For it to work for you, you have to love it! You have to be patient! It takes a LOT of time and effort.

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