How Bad Do You Want It?

It’s a simple question

Have you ever wanted something so badly you sit and wish daily or perhaps multiple times a day that it will happen? You dream that one day all this wishing will pay off and you will wake up and have your wishes come true?

I’m the same I used to wish for a lot of things. I used to wish I had loads of money so I could do whatever I wanted. In a lot of my previous employment I used to wish that I could do something else and then still go through the same routine each and everyday with no changes except perhaps my sighs got a bit louder and my will to carry on faded daily.

The fact is that TALK IS CHEAP!!


I want you to make yourself a ‘wish list’ or a list of goals.

You don’t have to show anybody or tell anybody. The list can be as big or as small as you want it to be, its YOUR list!

Put this list somewhere that you can see it daily, whether this be on a post it board in your house, on your fridge/freezer or in your notes on your phone, wherever is not important but somewhere you can look at it daily.

I now want you to really be honest with yourself.

This is something I used to struggle with.

Kidding myself.

To be honest anybody who is kidding themselves is only hindering their own progress towards where you want to get to. I see it all of the time people with too big of an ego to ask for help or even admit they are wrong. Not one person on this planet knows everything about everything so you should never be scared to ask for help for anything in life.

Always be willing to learn.

If you are not willing to LEARN then you certainly are not going to GROW.

So back to being honest with yourself(my little rants do lead somewhere I promise!).

You must ask yourself, HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?


I am a personal trainer, most of the time peoples goals are weight/looks orientated so I will use my experiences as an example.

People often tell me how bad they want to lose weight or want a 6-pack or simply want to look good naked. The easy bit is saying “I want it more than anything” “its really time to change” I’ve heard lots and lots of these over the years. Which is great, it’s a good start. However ill say it again TALK IS CHEAP!

Actions speak louder than words. If your goal is gym/body related you have to be saying to yourself before you even walk through the doors or before you leave the house to go for your run



Mindset is everything and this is something I’ve learnt with my own training and my own goals. You have to be patient but consistent with your hard work.

This saying has to be going through your head every time you pick up a weight and perform an exercise.

Your goals may have nothing at all to do with they gym they might be to do with travel “oh I wish I could afford to go there”. Chances are if you’re wishing this your not going to have the money tomorrow however you need to say to yourself


You might hate your job but you need to think of what is important to you.

Everybody is different.

Some people hate their job but are quite happy to turn up and work because it pays for their activities outside of work which is fine if this is what your happy doing so you still need to repeat this phrase to yourself because your going to need to work hard to get to where you want to be.

My MINDSET has changed a lot over the last 4 years since I started working for myself. I took a leap of faith from being employed in a job I hated to being self employed doing something I am very passionate about.

It now has become very apparent to me that literally anything that I want to do I CAN DO IT and I have the power to help others do the same. No it will not happen over night however if you know you want something then you have to work to get that!

I’m now constantly saying in my head on a daily basis HOW BAD DO I WANT IT? When I’ve got that bar on my back and I’m squatting I’m screaming in my head HOW BAD DO I WANT IT? You owe it to yourself to ask this question daily and to answer with your actions.

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself ‘did I do at least one thing today to get me closer to my goals?’

If you didn’t, why?

If you are letting the things that don’t actually matter in life prevent you from doing the things that really matter to YOU then you need to really ask yourself again


Hopefully this has given you something to think about.

Please email me with your thoughts on mindset and your stories of any goals you had and have not reached or managed to work hard and reach!

Hope you are all having a productive week!!

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