Progress...Have You Done It?

One thing that I realise more and more every day is that the older I get the quicker time seems rush past.

2018 seemed to me like the quickest year so far.

Now that we have entered 2019 I really had to ask myself a few questions.

Have I progressed?

Have I progressed as far as I planned?

How can I progress this year?

I realised last year how short life is. It is a new personal goal of mine not to let the things I can’t control stress me out.


Stress for a lot of us can really damage our progress towards our goals. A lot of us when we are stressed we will do things such as over eat, drink alcohol etc. This is taking us a step or two back and therefore will add more stress as we will take longer to progress. This is a vicious circle for a lot of us.

Instead I plan to work harder than ever towards my goals only focusing on the things that I can control.

The answers to the above questions are –

-yes I have progressed.

I have built a better body.

I have built a larger portfolio of clients who’s bodies, minds and lives I have changed.

I got engaged.

I am now a homeowner.

I have progressed both personally and professionally.

- No I have NOT progressed as far as I had planned. I am the only one to blame for this. I don’t however see this as a failure. I now know the feeling of disappointment in myself for not pushing myself further.

-How can I progress this year? I am more prepared. I have planned my moves.

Will plans change? Yes but I am focused on where I want to be and what I want to build upon this year.

Mindset is EVERYTHING!

I am 100% focused on PROGRESS.

I will NOT let other peoples opinions or fear of other peoples opinions hold me back.

I think if we are completely honest with ourselves, a percentage of us are held back by this.

Fear of failure.

Fear of other people’s opinions of our actions.

Fear of other people’s opinions of our looks.

Fear of people not sharing the same vision.

Fear of people not understanding.

I have adopted a new attitude coming in to this year because I am very guilty of these fears above.


Those who don’t understand or don’t share the vision can be brushed aside!

The Challenge

I challenge you to do something very difficult and BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF…are you guilty of any of the above?

Is this the reason you have failed to progress this past year?

I hope that if you answered YES that you are ready to adopt the same moto I have – FUCK FEAR!

Progression is not easy but you need to take steps no matter how small towards your goal each day if you are to truly achieve your goals.

Don’t let anybody or the fear of anybody hold you back!!

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