My tips on EATING for FAT LOSS

When you are going through a fat loss phase/program you will be in a calorie deficit (burning more calories than you are eating) it is therefore in your best interest to choose more nutrient dense foods, and keep them low fat. This is because you will be allowed more of them before you reach your calorie goal for the day. Greens!!

Vegetables should be a staple in your diet when dropping fat because they are a good source of carbohydrate, protein and nutrients however are very low in calories. Therefore you can fill up on veggies And it will feel like you have consumed a lot more calories than you actually have, which will hopefully help keep away hunger for longer. H2O

Consuming around 4 - 5 litres of water per day will help stop you from being constantly hungry, it will help aid fat loss as will cause you to need to pee more and therefore flush out your system. It is important to stay hydrated throughout exercise and also will help keep your energy levels up. MY TOP 3!!!

My 3 favourite foods while going through a fat loss phase are - 1. Chicken- it is a very lean meat. This means you can have a little bit more without bumping up your calories compared to something that may have a higher fat content and bump your calories up. It is very filling and will keep you from feeling hungry for longer and is high in protein. Being higher in protein it will fill you up more than something that is low in protein and high in carbohydrates so will hopefully stop over eating and over consumption of calories.

2. Sweet potato- great low calorie carbohydrate for your diet when dropping body fat. In my opinion has more flavour than regular potato and is also high in fibre. You should be aiming to consume about 30g of fibre per day to aid regular bowel movement which is also very important when dropping fat. My tip is to oven cook them, after they have cooked about 25 mins each side, slice the potato(doesn’t have to be thin) sprinkle over some cinnamon, cover in tin foil for another 20 mins. You won’t be disappointed!!

3. Frozen mixed berries- when I am dropping fat these are a lifesaver to really add some flavour to my oats on a morning. Oats are great for you however can become very plain and difficult to eat on their own when you could possibly be craving sweetness. Frozen mixed berries are much lower in calories than other fruits such as bananas and pineapple, so again you can enjoy that little bit extra.

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