How To Eat To Lose Fat Forever


So firstly the very basic science of dropping body fat is that you must be burning more calories and you are taking in.

Very simple but not necessarily easy.

Yes, you could wake up have a protein shake for breakfast, lunch time have a tuna salad and then some chicken rice and vegetables for dinner and then off to bed to repeat the same 3 meals for the rest of the week.

Depending on your portion sizes you would more than likely lose weight, HOWEVER I can guarantee you these are not the 3 meals that have brought you to the point of feeling like you need to lose some body fat, am I right?

Thought so.

SO, what can be done?

First of all you need to accept that something needs to change.

You need to be prepared mentally that things are going to change.

My advice, and this is the advice I give my clients who come to me for fat loss, is start small. For example, don’t try to change all of your habits at once. This is not sustainable.

To make your changes sustainable and to fit in to your lifestyle there are some other things that need to be considered rather than just calories in vs calories out.

The correct diet for you is one that fits around your lifestyle not anybody else’s.

It is great to share meal ideas with others and vice versa however what works for someone else may not work for you so don’t let this bring you down or make you think you are doing things wrong.

You must not cut out all of the foods you enjoy. They need to still be present at some point in your diet for you to make this a long term thing.

If you try to just cut out all of the foods you currently enjoy you will be unhappy.

You will crave all the foods that are part of your current eating habits and you will perhaps cut them out for a couple of weeks and then go back and binge on them and possibly even eat more of them than you were before.

Its all about creating new habits.

These habits take time. There is not right or wrong way to do it. Different people have different lifestyles and therefore have different habits.

Small adjustments all add up to BIG changes

So for example I usually start with the breakfast.

A high protein meal to start the day one which actually satisfies your hunger and will not have you reaching for snacks an hour later.

There are a lot of options

You can follow my Instagram page @danellispt for food ideas on all meals.

I am on a mission to give you healthy food ideas that don’t take long to cook and are not plain and/or bland!

A lot of foods you may be eating that are helping your body fat rise are not very nutrient dense which is why you are left still feeling hungry and eating more and more.

You may be surprised at the size of a meal you can allow yourself to eat when you have a good balanced meal of healthy carbohydrates, protein, and fats. This will leave you feeling very satisfied and keep you fuller for longer.

However, do not just base your diet around the carbohydrates, proteins and fats you will be eating.

You need to be getting a healthy dose of fruit and veg in your body as well to make sure your are getting all the right nutrients in your body to be healthy.

Once you have gotten used to the change in your morning eating habits, its then time to look at what you have for your lunch. Follow the same process for each meal of the day.

You can allow yourself to still have some of the food that is perhaps not so good for you that you enjoy. We are all human. I LOVE pizza, however I do not eat it every day. If you know you are going to be indulging in some higher calorie foods once day then simply reduce the amount of calories you have from other meals in the day.

By following this process and not changing everything overnight and expecting to just eat to a strict diet for the rest of your life you will see how various foods affect your body fat.

You will learn how to adjust portion sizes to accommodate for when you want some more high calorie meals and the fat will stay off.

This is sustainable.

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