My Top Tips To Stay Consistent While Dropping Body Fat

Consistency is something everybody struggles with at some point. It can be due to any number of reasons. Below are some things that have helped me in the past and things that I have given to my clients to help them reach their goals as well.

So here are my top tips for staying consistent while dropping your body fat.

In no particular order.

1. Know exactly why you are doing this. What is your reason. You don’t have to share your reason with anyone. YOUR reason is YOUR reason and it needs to be a reason good enough to keep you working and fighting towards your goal when you slip up.

2. Keep a reminder of your WHY somewhere you will see it every day. It could be by your bedside when you wake up, so when you go to hit that snooze button it’s gonna get your ass up instead to hit the gym or get your food ready for the day. It could be the background of your phone. It could be stuck to your fridge or a post it note in your car or on your desk. Whatever it is make sure it is motivating to you and it is somewhere you will see it EVERY DAY!

3. Figure out what works for YOU!

You can go on social media and see all of these models who say they eat all these lovely fancy nutritious meals throughout the day and they are looking great. That’s all well and good...for them. The fact is they are probably being sponsored to do this and therefore they have the time. YOU may not have the time to do this. Not many people do. Not every meal is going to be fancy. The reality is that you want something that is quick, convenient, healthy and most importantly WORKS for YOU and fits in to YOUR lifestyle. If something fits in to your lifestyle this is going to make it easier to consistently do it.

4. Keep it simple. There is so much information out there, things can get very cluttered in your mind and when you havn’t lost all of your body fat in a week you wonder if you are actually doing things correctly. Keeping your meals and your training basic will take a lot of the overthinking away from the process. For example you don’t need to have something different for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day of each week of each month. This is going to add stress until you go back to old ways of thinking and think fuck it, ordering dominoes was much simpler let’s just do that.

As a sub point here, again on social media , you may see a lot of people doing a lot of food prep with lots of Tupperware filled with great food.

You may not have time to prep food, this is fine this doesn’t mean you can’t lose body fat.

There are great(however some not so great so beware!) ready meals available in supermarkets now. They make it very easy for you to see what the contents are when it comes to fat, sugar, salt etc and they take no prep time at all and a few mins in the microwave.

This is keeping things simple and if this works for you then that’s great!

5. Don’t train so you can’t move for 3 days!

Yes it may be that you are a bit sore sometimes after your training. However if you are trying to lose fat but then can’t move much for 4 days of the week that is 4 days when you won’t be burning as many calories. Build up your strength and stamina over time. You are not going to be able to train like a superhero over night.

Make sure you have strong basics before trying to over complicate exercises.

Basic does not mean ineffective. It will stop you feeling anxious about going in the gym and doing something that you are not sure how to do.

This will help keep you consistent with your training.

6. Be motivated by others but don’t compare yourself to others.

I am guilty of this, as I think everybody is. It is a natural thing to do. However the more you do this the less motivated it can make you if you are constantly compare it yourself to people who are further down their journey than you.

This is your journey and your struggle nobody else’s we are all different, all have different bodies, different lives and different worries it is important you realise this and realise that if you focus on YOU rather than someone you want to be like, you will achieve your goals!

7. Find somewhere comfortable to feel uncomfortable.

What I mean by this is you should push yourself while training and therefore this is going to make you uncomfortable.

Not every style of training will suit everybody and therefore not every style of gym will suit everybody. Find a gym or a place you wish to train at where you are comfortable enough to push yourself and feel uncomfortable while training.

It is important that the environment is somewhere you want to go back to.

You might not get it right first time and that’s ok but don’t let it put you off trying somewhere else.

If you need help, do your research, find a trainer you are comfortable with and one who has the knowledge and drive to get you to your goals.

8. Have a plan.

If you have a plan to stick to it takes the thinking out of it. You can enter the gym get your workout done and get out. If you spend your time wandering around the gym not really too sure what to do next this will affect your workout intensity, you will spend longer in the gym while actually doing less and you will more than likely get bored.

Have a search about for a trainer you have seen can get real results and can also truly help you and approach them for a plan whether it be in person or an online coach.

Good luck staying consistent in your fat loss journey!

I hope this has helped you all.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about how I can help you with your fat loss then drop me an email at

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