Lose Fat, Don't Starve

Some Change Is Required

Losing body fat does NOT mean you have to give up everything you love food wise.

It does NOT mean you have to go on a strict, restrictive diet.

HOWEVER you do have to accept that if you want to lose some body fat, there will have to be SOME changes.

Changing your mindset is a good place to start but if you just surround yourself with motivation and positivity but don't actually implement any changes then it becomes pointless.


For a lot of people a weekday is fine.

You have your routine.

You are at work all day and your mind is not on food.

Night time you have your meal and go to bed.


As a side note on this point if you feel like night time is when you are feeling most hungry then reduce your calories during the day which will allow you to have a larger meal on the night time.

Personally, if I am hungry I can not go to sleep.

So if I have eaten all of my calorie allowance during the day and it comes to the night time and I'm so hungry I just have to get some food then I'm going to go over my calories.

For me during the day I am distracted with work and can keep my mind away from food better than I can on a night when I'm more likely to be at home with less distractions from food.


Staying hydrated throughout the day will also help keep your energy levels up when you are lacking in food and will help towards keeping that hunger at bay.

Ready For The Weekend

So the problem for a lot of people arises when the working week is over.

You are not at work, routine is broken.

You have a few options.

2 options I suggest are one of the following...

... reduce your calories on weekdays. Swap your carbohydrate(potato, rice or pasta for example) for a salad on one of your meals daily. This will significantly reduce your calories but still leave you feeling satisfied. This will allow you to consume some higher calorie food/drink over the weekend. It will also help with getting essential nutrients in your body while in a calorie deficit.

... another option is that if you couldn’t possibly bare to drop the amount that you consume then you must increase the amount you expend! Basically you must burn more than you already are.

Get an extra training session in, increase your steps, go for a run or a swim or a bike ride.

Do whatever sort of exercise you enjoy and do more of it!

This will allow for you to have a few extras at the weekend.

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