Do you often feel bloated after you eat or drink?

Are you making progress with losing fat but then all of a sudden, your belly bloats?

This can make you feel like you’ve lost everything you have worked hard for so far.

Your abs have disappeared!!

It’s a problem a lot of people have and one I have had in the past.

There are a lot of reasons why this can happen.

Don’t worry, your abs are not gone forever.

One or some of these reasons could be the reason you are not reaching your goal.

I’m going to go through some of the main reasons (excluding any medical reasons) why you might feel bloated.

Most of these reasons are things that you can control and only require relatively small changes to see BIG changes to your fat loss.

  • Fizzy drinks and/or carbonated water.

The bubbles within these drinks contain gas and gas will bloat your belly. Even when the drinks are ZERO calories, they can still bloat you. Exchanging your carbonated drinks for ‘still’ drinks could help you to stop bloating.

  • Not enough water.

On the back of the previous point It is important to stay hydrated when losing fat. Apart from the fact you body has many different uses for water just to function.

From the perspective of drinking 3-4 Litre(L) of water a day for fat loss will mean you will go to the toilet more and it will flush out any water that your body may be holding on to.

Most people, when I first come in to contact with them, are not drinking anywhere close to this amount.

A lot of people don’t enjoy drinking water.

It should be made an essential part of your day.

You will never train or recover optimally if you don’t drink enough water.

If you currently drink less than 1L a day, then its probably unrealistic to aim for 4L a day from tomorrow. However, you can increase over each week. Start for 2L consistently for 7 days then add a Litre for the next week and so on.

This may seem like a chore to drink this much water but trust me if you want to reach your fat loss goals and get your dream body this one is essential.

  • Fiber.

Dietary fiber has many functions. I’m going to break it down to the basics.

If you are not getting 30g of fiber in your diet, this could be one of the reasons you are feeling bloated.

Fiber is a form of carbohydrate.

Fiber basically helps keep your gut bacteria healthy. Your gut bacteria help with processing waste and producing vitamins.

So which foods are rich in fiber?

  • Beans

  • Lentils

  • Broccoli

  • Berries

  • Avocados

  • Wholegrains

  • Apples

  • Dried fruit

To name a few.

  • Too much salt?

I know what your thinking, "food tastes so much better covered in salt".

I agree, and although salt is essential, most of us do have too high an intake of it.

It is used to maintain fluid levels within the body.

Extra salt intake can lead to not only health issues but with regards to fat loss it can force your body to maintain water which will leave you looking bloated.

This one is so easy to control. Simply lower your salt levels.

Those of you who eat a lot of ready meals and/or takeaway food will more than likely suffer from bloating due to the amount of salt in these foods.

Cooking with fresh ingredients and not smothering your food in salt before eating it will help reduce this and can play a huge part in reducing that bloated feeling.

  • Carbohydrates

PLEASE READ – Carbohydrates will NOT make you fat!!!(unless you eat too much of them, but this is that same for anything)

HOWEVER, if your diet is full of simple carbs i.e. simple sugars found in sweets and cakes etc. they enter your blood stream quicker.

The quicker they do, the more likely you are to bloat.

Complex carbs, for example oats, take longer to digest and enter the blood stream and therefore not only leave you feeling NOT bloated but they keep you fuller for longer as they release energy over a longer period of time.

  • Overeating and eating too fast.

The two go hand in hand.

If you eat too fast, by the time your brain tells you your full you will already have taken in too many calories, or you will have finished your meal and still be hungry for more.

Simply slow down your eating. It will help.

It seems so simple but a lot of us eat too fast and this can cause bloating.

  • Fat

Fat is essential in our diet for certain functions.

However it is a higher calorie nutrient compared to others.

9 calories per 1 gram of fat.

Eating too much fat can make you bloated because it takes longer for your body to break it down compared to other macro nutrients.

If you have a high fat diet and do not compensate by lowering your carbohydrates, then you can gain weight which can also make you feel bloated.

If you do feel bloated a lot of the time, list above could be part of the problem. Small changes to your lifestyle can really help you BEAT THE BLOAT.

If bloating continues it may be advisable to see a doctor to check you have no intolerances to any foods.

For any more information or questions on anything above or otherwise fitness/food related please feel free to drop me an email and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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