I have been training with Dan for the last 5 months and I have witnessed my body type changing remarkably by loosing a lot of weight and building muscle. Dan has an amazing character being a great motivator making me enjoy training so much and looking forward to every session. He is an excellent professional understanding what my limits are and always pussing me a bit harder to improve myself. He always prepare new challenges and never let me feel bored. I totally recommend him as a personal trainer !!!

- Dimitris

"Been training with Dan since January 2018, I decided I needed lose weight and tone but I didn't really know where to start so I decided to get a personal trainer. Dan definitely knows his stuff, he always motivates me and always pushes me to do more.
His sessions are never the same,they are always fun and enjoyable but I can guarantee, you will not walk out of his sessions feeling like you haven't done anything!
I am seeing changes already my muscles are starting to tone.
If you follow the food plan and workout plan that he does for you, I can 100% guarantee that you will start to see results.
If your looking for a personal trainer I would highly recommend Dan. You will not regret it!


- Okena

"I’ve been training with dan for almost 2 years now and still get a massive buzz before and after a session, when I started training with dan I told him I wanted to build up my strength and he has pushed me greatly to achieve PBs that I didn’t think it ever hit. The sessions are always great fun, and always tailored perfectly to me and what I want to achieve. Dan is so easily approachable and I never think twice before texting him for some encouragement with my diet or training. I would 100% recommend dan if you want to train efficiently for great results and have fun doing so."

- Lauren

"I wanted you to teach me what exercises to do to build strength and improve my running, how to use the weights machines and how to use the free weights so that I can eventually train on my own. You've nailed it. You have built my confidence with that side of the gym and I have learnt a lot.

I have gained a lot more from your direction than I thought I would to be honest. I'm stronger, leaner, more aware of my bad dietary habits and an advocate for getting a personal trainer. I value the sessions very highly and believe that having that regular weekly session will keep me accountable and keep me right in terms of form and overall direction."

- Harry

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"After having had a spell out from training and stupidly just letting life getting in the way I was feeling pretty bad. I had gone to one of Dan’s classes and asked to chat about doing some training to get back into the gym properly and consistently. Dan is not judgemental in anyway, whatever your current situation. He listened and we booked in our sessions, 4 months in now and even though I’ve lost weight and body fat and gained muscle and strength and feeling great, more importantly for me I’m strong in my mind - feeling supported and I’m certainly much more consistent. I’m tracking my food and my output of exercise. Dan helped with workout planning for the days I go to the gym on my own, I work away sometimes and even have hotel workouts for when I can’t find a gym. Dan always is upbeat - you can’t feel sorry for yourself when you work out with him. Deffo recommend booking him for PT.

...5 *."

Joanne Parker Ridgeway

"I trained with Dan for a year in my final year of medical school, he was so fantastic that I decided to keep him on as an online trainer even though I had to move to Darlington. Dan has increased my confidence in the gym massively, he tailored plans and regimes to suit my needs and continuously adapted them. He is so supportive and will help with everything and anything. Thanks to him I'm in the best shape I have ever been even though I struggle fitting exercise into my busy work life. My eating plans were so convenient and easy to follow, as were the workouts. Cannot recommend him enough to anyone who wants to get in shape or make exercise a part of their life. Thanks Dan!"

Keryn Hall

"I started training with Dan during my final year at university because I wanted to gain confidence in the gym and improve my strength in general. Dan was very patient with me and I could feel my strength improving gradually week by week. Moreover I really enjoyed my time in the gym, which in itself was a vast improvement, and it became a great way of dealing with stress. I definitely reccomend Dan to anyone, no matter their ability, he's friendly and knowledgeable and will keep you motivated as you work towards your goals."

Katy Murray